Member Agency Documents


Documents presented in this section may not have been peer reviewed and are presented for dissemination purposes only.  Contents do not necessarily represent the position of MICRA or its individual member agencies.


Vision for a Healthy Gulf of Mexico Watershed

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 2013.

ORFMT Asian Carp Flier

Ohio River Fisheries Management Team, 2012.

2003 Ozark Pool Paddlefish Report

Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, 2003.

The Cal-Sag and Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
The Cal-Sag and Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal: A Perspective on the Spread and Control of Selected Aquatic Nuisance Fish Species
21st Century Floodplain
21st Century Floodplain
Forty Years of River Management Issues
riverissues.pdf (1.69 MB)
Forty Years of Controversy and Achievement in North American Fisheries — Riverine Fisheries
Slackwater Navigation Projects
Slackwater navigation projects present unique environmental problems for riverine fisheries.
Reservoir and Channelization Projects
Large flood control, hydropower, and water supply reservoirs produce a whole series of impacts on
riverine fisheries.
Natural Floodplain Ecosystems
Floodplain rivers in their natural form are in a constant state of change, roaming about across unrestricted
floodplains, creating and destroying side channels, backwaters, oxbow lakes, and a variety of
other habitats.
Levees and Floodplain Management
At the turn of the century our riverine commercial fisheries were seen as resources to feed the
nation; yet today most of these fisheries are either restricted or completely closed
Ecosystem Restoration
River ecosystems are faced with monumental impacts and problems as a result of man’s actions to
alter his environment.
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