Paddlefish/Sturgeon Committee

2013 Paddlefish Sturgeon Committee Membership Directory

Updated April 2013

2012 MICRA Paddlefish/Sturgeon Stocking Protocols
2005 Lower Missouri Sub-basin Paddlefish Management Plan

Prepared by the Lower Missouri River Paddlefish Management Team.

2004 MICRA Paddlefish 10-Year Report

Selected tables from the report were updated in 2010 and are included in Appendix A.

2001 Ohio River Sub-basin Paddlefish Management Plan

Prepared by the Ohio River Fisheries Management Team

1998 Revised Paddlefish Tagging Protocols

Appendix B from the 1997 MICRA Paddlefish Report.

1998 MICRA Paddlefish Report
1998 MICRA Paddlefish Genetics Plan
1997 MICRA Paddlefish Report
2003 Missouri Paddlefish Plan Addendum
1992 Management Plan for Paddlefish in Missouri
2008 ND-MT Paddlefish Management Plan
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