Mississippi River Sub-Basins

Numerous partnerships have been formed to cooperatively manage the extensive natural resources of the Mississippi River Basin.  MICRA recognizes and embraces the existence of numerous Mississippi River Basin compacts, committees, commissions, and councils, and honors their long standing status and missions.  MICRA attempts to join all entities having management jurisdiction and responsibility for Mississippi River Basin fisheries resources into a cooperative program.

Six principal sub-basin groups have formed to cooperatively manage fishery and  aquatic resources in different tributary systems and portions  of the Mississippi River  Basin.  These sub-basin groups are the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee , Missouri River Natural Resources Committee, Ohio River Fish Management Team, Tennessee-Cumberland River, Lower Mississippi Conservation Committee, and the Arkansas-Red River.  MICRA provides a forum for improved communication and cooperation among the different sub-basins to address interjurisdictional issues on a basin-wide scale.  A representative from each of these six sub-basin partnerships sits on the MICRA Executive Board.